Roberts Equities LLC is a privately held real estate firm which develops and manages retail and residential properties in New York and Florida. For over 30 years, the company has delivered a broad range of real estate services to its members, partners and investors:
  1. Hands-on site intensive management and leasing.
  2. Ground-up development of new properties.
  3. Repositioning, re-tenanting and retrofitting underperforming assets.
  4. In-depth analysis and assessment of potential acquisitions.
With our deep knowledge of local markets, we have been able to capitalize on growth, add value to each project, and create consistent returns for our members. Above all else, Roberts Equities owes its success to a highly diversified team, commitment to professionalism, and focus on relationships.
Offices in Boca Raton, Florida and NYC.


Bob Roberts

Bob Roberts Chairman

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Kirk Roberts

Kirk Roberts Co-CEO

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Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts Co-CEO

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Chris Giacalone

Chris Giacalone Executive Vice President

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Asher Brukner

Asher Brukner Chief Financial Officer

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